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Architecture and design
Advanced design tools that benefit the entire construction process

For many architects and designers, a constant need for client communication, contractor troubleshooting, and RFI responding sends creativity to the back burner. Bring good design back to the forefront with a technology toolkit that makes visualizing, analyzing, and collaborating on designs easier, so you can win more work and keep projects moving forward.

Intentional design processes that make all the difference
Create better designs that lead to better outcomes

Architects and designers have all the knowledge necessary to create spot-on designs, but often lack the time to do so. By incorporating Trimble visualization, automation, and collaboration tools into your workflow, you can finally know what it’s like to feel fully confident in your completed work.

Detailed models that tell a story

Compelling design visuals showcase your expertise to future clients. Virtual mock-ups and 3D RFIs expertly communicate important details to the field.

Renewed focus on designing

Trimble tools organize data and handle stakeholder collaboration, so architects actually have time to take their designs to the next level.

Reduce design errors with collaboration

Collaboration tools and joint project models get more eyes on the design. Each expert hones in on their specialty, reducing design flaws and saving project budgets.

Better building performance with early-stage analysis

Run full annual simulations powered by industry-accredited analysis engines, and get your building performance results in minutes instead of weeks.

3D modeling

3D modeling

Incorporate cloud-based modeling software into your existing design workflows. Ensure the entire team designs from the same project model and reduce rework.
BIM collaboration

BIM collaboration

Accessible, up-to-date design information for the entire project team. Design from the same model the field crew builds from.
Design management

Design management

Establish a single source of truth for all project documentation with a common data environment. Store all project models, data, and drawings in one place for all to access.
Project management

Project management

Once the initial design process is complete, stay in the know on project progress with collaborative management software. Receive automated notifications requesting your design expertise.
Digital twin

Digital twin

Easily create digital twin models for project owners from existing design models. Establish your company as cutting edge to win more work.
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of architects say more efficient internal processes is the top benefit of digital workflows


of architects report quality improvements and less project changes as a result of digitalization


of architects report faster delivery

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