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Design management
Accurate, up-to-date design data shared with everyone, everywhere

To ensure designers, project managers, subcontractors, and field team members are working off of the same information, rely on construction design management tools. Centralize your project data so changes are uniformly shared and work is accurately installed.

Accurate design data that leaves no room for error
Collaborative design management that keeps everyone in the know

Rather than print or send design drawings that are already out-of-date when you share them, you can use solutions that always store the latest and greatest design information. Trimble’s construction design management software houses a centralized accurate design model for the entire team to access, update, and build from.

Better information management sitewide

Accessible, up-to-date data for designers, builders, and everyone in between.

Shared BIM model

All design and construction teams work from one centralized project model. The BIM model is updated in real-time, always accessible, and promotes design collaboration.

Connected construction data

Construction management technology that connects devices and people across a job site. Use the data to monitor work progress, create detailed as-builts, and streamline essential workflows.

Effortlessly blend old with new

Layout and scanning software allows designers to easily integrate new systems with existing systems. Superior accuracy eliminates rework and promotes cost- and time-saving constructability analysis.

Design collaboration when it matters most

Effortlessly share accurate design data with your team members who need it most.

Real-time model sharing

A common data environment ensures the entire project team designs from and relies on one central BIM model. The model is updated in real-time and accessible from anywhere.

Office and field connectivity

Construction design management that connects the office and field teams through integrated applications. Immediately view work progress in the design model and quickly resolve any issues in the field.

Accurate design & as-builts

Design a more accurate, constructible project as multiple stakeholders work from the same model and perform clash detection. After construction, use the same collaboration and field devices to create precise as-builts.

Leverage a connected workflow
Get the right insight at the right time for the right decision

Project delivery challenges happen, especially if your team can't access current information, no matter what task they are working on. That's why we're focused on connecting workflows across our portfolio. Check back often to see new integrations and how they can help you better manage your projects and understand them holistically.

MEP model to procurement

Extend the downstream value of your detailed model. Estimate materials and labor, compare pricing across suppliers, and send a digital purchase order directly to distributors, while keeping your ERP updated with accurate, up-to-date job cost data.

Civil bid to build

Reduce the need for manual data processing when preparing a payment application. Give your project managers visibility into a project's progress to support real-time planning. Financial teams will have complete and timely data.

Structural model to fabrication

Create confidence in estimation and procurement processes. Get transparency into subcontractor scheduling. Drive high-quality, reliable scheduling and status updates.

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