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Digital twin technology
Elevate your models to digital twins

Create efficiencies and cost savings throughout the design, construct, operate, maintain, and manage phases of your project. Use Trimble's connected devices and constructible, real-time data to turn your as-built models into digital twins that deliver true downstream value beyond what a BIM model can provide.

Advance your as-built accuracy and accessibility
Improve your construction project management with real-time digital twins

By elevating your 3D models to digital twins, you can increase analytical capabilities throughout all phases of your construction project. Trimble solutions make on-the-spot data collection and design verification faster and less resource-intensive. Then you can easily ensure your digital models accurately represent their real-world counterparts.

Connect your digital and physical assets

Collect precise project information in real-time, centralize it, and append it to the model — creating a digital twin that can be used to inform operations and maintenance. With open collaboration tools,surveying technologies and intelligent models from Trimble, you can adjust and improve in real-time.

Accurately map and visualize infrastructure networks

From utilities to roads and railways, digital twin solutions enable you to locate your assets and visualize them in context of the broader network.

Maintain data integrity throughout your project

Eliminate the need for a final, physical as-built by carrying the same design attributes and metadata through all phases of construction. Be confident in your as-built model compilations because of Trimble’s unparalleled accuracy levels.

Simulate and experiment in real-world conditions

Collect accurate, real-time data to feed your own digital twin of the job site so you can evaluate potential decisions.

Make models more meaningful

Connect the construction lifecycle with a living model of your asset. With constructible models and field data collection solutions, you can provide the information needed to create digital twins. Deliver owners a data-rich asset they can use to inform operations and ensure data continuity throughout the asset lifecycle.

Add value to your offering

Enhance your data collection capabilities to improve handover and enable your clients to create digital twins for operations.

Simulate and experiment in real-world conditions

Collect accurate, real-time data to feed your own digital twin of the job site so you can evaluate potential decisions.

Connect disparate project teams across all phases

Maximize the potential of BIM by contributing to a data-rich model that can be used at every stage of the project.

Leverage a connected workflow
Get the right insight at the right time for the right decision

Project delivery challenges happen, especially if your team can't access current information, no matter what task they are working on. That's why we're focused on connecting workflows across our portfolio. Check back often to see new integrations and how they can help you better manage your projects and understand them holistically.

MEP model to procurement

Extend the downstream value of your detailed model. Estimate materials and labor, compare pricing across suppliers, and send a digital purchase order directly to distributors, while keeping your ERP updated with accurate, up-to-date job cost data.

Civil bid to build

Reduce the need for manual data processing when preparing a payment application. Give your project managers visibility into a project's progress to support real-time planning. Financial teams will have complete and timely data.

Structural model to fabrication

Create confidence in estimation and procurement processes. Get transparency into subcontractor scheduling. Drive high-quality, reliable scheduling and status updates.

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