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Design Solutions
3D modeling
Create designs and construction-ready detail faster

Create precise 3D models that put BIM into production, communicate your projects, and eliminate wasted resources downstream. Use Trimble's 3D modeling solutions to automate core design and detailing processes, leverage pre-built content, and transfer design attributes seamlessly between models and views.

Better data, better project results
Work with construction-ready 3D models that drive efficiency at every stage

Create models that inform better decision-making and cost savings throughout the entirety of your project, from the initial design stages to construction and operation. Trimble’s 3D modeling solutions help your teams use real-time, precise information when they need it, while still understanding the context and goals of the project as a whole.

High-quality design at every stage

Improve design efficiency and control with a full range of world-class, integrated, multi-discipline civil BIM design tools. Engineers can work on the same project at the same time, stay up-to-date from anywhere, and make interdisciplinary collaboration easier using a common project model.

Consolidate and scale digital project delivery

Set your civil projects up for success with 3D models detailed enough to serve as the foundation for onsite automation, tracking and clarifying project progress, and organizing and aligning project data. Plus, with quality control and assurance, you can streamline hand-off of digital as-built data.

Fix problems in the office instead of the field

Use your 3D model to minimize ‘working blind’ and uncover challenges before construction even begins. By designing in a model instead of interpreting from drawings, you can immediately see design conflicts, coordinate with other disciplines, and bring models into client meetings for better communication and design clarification.

Control costs and create greater sustainability

Use Trimble 3D modeling solutions to create a higher-quality model that reduces waste in your project. A constructible-level model makes it possible to increase equipment operation and worksite efficiency, communicate site layout, lower surveying time and costs, reduce labor and raw material costs, and much more.

Keep design and construction in perfect sync

You don't have time or resources to build your content library from scratch for every project. Enter Trimble solutions for design visualization, MEP, structural steel and concrete which are all considered industry standards in their own right. Paired with Trimble's robust libraries of content for those trades, arriving at a constructible level of detail is faster and more reliable than building from scratch.

Higher levels of collaboration and communication

Review building data, detect clashes, drive efficiency in model-based workflows, and present the final design details to clients. With Trimble's 3D modeling solutions, collaborating is more efficient with secure ways to share designs with all project stakeholders.

Reduce mistakes and environmental impact

Optimize building efficiency with precise 3D models and data. By building virtually first, you can limit mistakes in the field and reduce wasted material usage in the factory. Creating detailed data with Trimble solutions makes it possible for engineers to assess designs for carbon impact early in the design phase.

Coordinate better throughout the supply chain

Use Trimble's 3D modeling software to trigger model-based workflows that reduce rework across a wide variety of areas such as estimating, scheduling, procurement, job costing, project management, layout, quality control, and the creation of digital twins.

Leverage a connected workflow
Get the right insight at the right time for the right decision

Project delivery challenges happen, especially if your team can't access current information, no matter what task they are working on. That's why we're focused on connecting workflows across our portfolio. Check back often to see new integrations and how they can help you better manage your projects and understand them holistically.

MEP model to procurement

Extend the downstream value of your detailed model. Estimate materials and labor, compare pricing across suppliers, and send a digital purchase order directly to distributors, while keeping your ERP updated with accurate, up-to-date job cost data.

Civil bid to build

Reduce the need for manual data processing when preparing a payment application. Give your project managers visibility into a project's progress to support real-time planning. Financial teams will have complete and timely data.

Structural model to fabrication

Create confidence in estimation and procurement processes. Get transparency into subcontractor scheduling. Drive high-quality, reliable scheduling and status updates.

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