No matter what your operational needs are, VisionLink can help you reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  • Fleet and Asset Management

    VisionLinkBasic Plan

    • See where your equipment is, bill it to the correct project, and locate it for pickup, maintenance or refueling.
    • Use site boundaries to create triggers for theft mitigation, inappropriate machine use and compliance with avoidance zones.
    • Monitor machine hours to plan and manage equipment maintenance and decrease equipment depreciation costs.
    • Integrate report data into ERP or project management applications to automate data sharing and ensure accuracy.
    • Required for all VisionLink subscription plans.

    Rapid Reporting Plan

    • Receive reports every 10 minutes containing 1-minute interval data for dispatch, delivery and haul monitoring applications.

    VisionLinkUtilization Plan

    • Minimize idle time to help with fuel economy, and identify equipment that would be better utilized on other sites to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
    • Reduce owning and operating costs with visibility to estimated fuel usage.
    • Compare working day hours, runtime hours, and working versus idle time to improve equipment utilization and increase productivity.

    Machine Health Plan

    • Monitor tire pressure and temperature of every rubber tire in your fleet.
    • Proactively manage and schedule preventative maintenance to extend the tire life, promote fuel efficiency and avoid dangerous blowouts.

    VisionLinkIncludes VisionLink Mobile

    • Included in your subscription plan.
    • View fleet and asset information in the field on your smartphone or tablet.
    • Locate assets, monitor utilization and service due, and view asset alerts.
  • 2D Project Monitoring
    • VisionLinkMonitor cycle times and load counts to track actuals against planned and monitor job site productivity.
    • Track materials movement to remove contaminated materials from the site, and use structural and non-structural materials in the correct site location.
    • Rectify problems in a timely manner and estimate completion times more accurately to keep jobs on schedule.
    • View individual machine performance or aggregate fleet data to see an entire site at a glance. Maintain production schedules by monitoring productivity against plan and making decisions in near real-time.
    • Customize the dashboard and only see information that is important to you.


    • Requires the Trimble SNM940 Connected Site Gateway.
    • Includes VisionLink Asset and Fleet Management Universal subscription plan and VisionLink Mobile
  • 3D Project Monitoring

    Earthmoving and Grading

    • VisionLinkContinuously monitor and record 3D earthmoving, grading and finishing operations throughout the life of the project, and use the information to make timely decisions regarding equipment use and deployment
    • Create near real-time 3D surface model, elevation and cut and fill maps to show progress towards completion, eliminate drive time to the site and ensure you have the most current information
    • Accurately capture all work completed including over-excavation and backfill, overfill or surcharge, and cut back operations so you get paid for the extra work you do


    • VisionLinkContinuously monitor pass counts and compaction meter values over the entire area of compaction and on all material layers to improve testing success, reduce rework and lower ongoing maintenance costs
    • Reduce over-compaction to optimize fuel use and machine time, and increase the finished surface quality
    • Ensure uniform lift thicknesses and consistent compaction pass counts and meter values to increase the surface quality and operational life
    • Monitor temperature maps for asphalt compactors fitted with temperature sensors to ensure compaction per the temperature range specified on the project


    • Requires the Trimble SNM940 Connected Site Gateway
    • Requires a Trimble or Cat AccuGrade GCS900 Grade Control System, or a Trimble or Cat AccuGrade CCS900 Compaction Control System
    • Includes VisionLink Asset and Fleet Management and Connected Machine subscription plans

    Includes VisionLink Mobile

    • Production supervisors take the power of VisionLink to the field.
    • Included in your Project Monitoring subscription plan.
    • View Project Monitoring data in the field on your iPhone or iPad.
    • See average site loads, volumes, haul distances and idle times, or drill down to individual assets to compare production rates between assets.
    • Quickly view aggregated cut/fill maps or compaction coverage and pass count maps to improve quality and decrease cycle times.