TrimFleet Bulk Materials Fleet Management

Aggregates customers depend on getting the materials they need exactly when they need it. Without accurate real-time data of vehicle location, stage in the delivery cycle it is difficult for fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers to improve efficiency and effectively manage supply and demand.


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  • Technical Information

    How It Works

    1. In-vehicle telematics device

    2. GPS receiver

    3. Load/unload sensor

    4. Power Take Off (PTO) sensor


    Reports compute averages so that operations at a particular quarry, for example, may be compared to efficiencies at other quarries. The tare and gross weights of the truck can be entered by the driver using the in-vehicle display when the truck is weighed after loading. The net weight is also included in the management reports.

    Note: The TrimFleet aggregates solution intended for operations with known loading areas. For operations where loads may be picked up at random locations, the TrimView system can still add significant value by reporting the truck’s location and directly reporting PTO or other sensor activation events.

  • Software Options

    DriveSafe Driver Safety Management

    Provides insight to vehicle behavior by monitoring various driving maneuvers including: start, stop, left and right turn. These indicators are then used to help vehicle owners and fleet managers evaluate and train drivers for safety.


    DriverID Driver Tracking

    Easily identifies who is operating each vehicle using a unique driver personal identification number (PIN) for login. With DriverID, TrimView users can see when a vehicle is “in service” or when a driver is on/off break.


    Active Navigation*

    Automatically directs heavy vehicles along truck routes between quarries, plants and job sites, providing drivers with turn-by-turn directions. TrimView can be integrated with dispatch software.


    TrimFleet Communicator ROIP Comms

    Provides integrated push-to-talk voice communication between dispatch, drivers, operations and workshop. Everyone in the organization can utilize TrimFleet Communicator. Uniting the best of cellular and legacy radio communications, TrimFleet Communicator offers talk groups, point-to-point calls, driver presence information and voice activity logs.


    * Available in selected markets.