Trimble LOADRITE X2350 Payload System

Half-full or half-empty, if your haul trucks aren’t carrying their optimized load you’re probably wasting money. With the X2350 on your excavator, you’ll know exactly how much material is loaded in the truck, and you’ll minimize costs and cycles to haul it away.

Trimble LOADRITE X2350 Payload System

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  • Applications

    The Trimble LOADRITE X2350 can improve excavator productivity for most haul out applications without disruption to the operation of the excavator, including:

    • Mass excavation - mass haul, cut and fill, or off-site disposal
    • Quarry pit, sand pit, borrow pit
    • Rock grading/sorting
    • Contaminated material removal
  • How It Works

    The Trimble LOADRITE X2350 excavator scale uses proprietary technology to achieve accurate weighing to ± 3% margin of error with no disruption to the operation of the excavator.

    The system is comprised of sensors on the boom, bucket and machine hydraulics to measure weight and compensate for machine slope. Bucket-by-bucket payload information is displayed to the excavator operator on the in-cab indicator.  An optional ruggedized printer can be used to provide hard-copy receipts for printing of daily and weekly productivity and performance reports. 



    1. Angle Sensor
    2. X2350 Indicator
    3. Printer
    4. Pressure Transducers
    5. Data Communication