Tekla Civil

Tekla Civil is a comprehensive solution that answers to the needs of information modeling in the field of civil engineering, enabling  distribution of up-to-date information between all operators within a project in all stages of a project’s life cycle. Tekla Civil offers powerful tools for making information models and updating plans, as well as for 3D viewing and visualizing civil engineering projects using combination models. The solution also caters for the needs of machine control and Tekla Civilmaintenance of finished projects.

Stay Up-to-date at All Times

Powerful information model is the basis for smooth cooperation. Real-time, multi-user environment makes it possible for all operators of a project to communicate efficiently and manage correct information throughout the entire project. Model-based solution ensures that all accurate and relevant information is available for all users and all updates and changes made to the model are updated at the same time for everyone.

Tekla CivilImplement Efficiently

Constructible model is the result of efficient and reliable designing. Realization models used for machine control improve operations in the construction site considerably, making construction more accurate and diminishing the number of mistakes made. Accurate and dependable mass haul calculations reduce unnecessary re-work in the construction phase and versatile functionalities for quality assurance facilitate easy follow-up as a project progresses.

View Project as a Whole

Diverse and clear 3D browser lets you view the entire project as a whole, with all the necessary infrastructure data. Combination models are key when you need to picture the constructability of a project and the infra and geo structures, equipment and buildings that form a coherent whole. Viewing combination models also makes it easy to detect possible conflicts or problems.

Tekla CivilKey Benefits

  • Efficient designing
  • Improved team efficiency and less errors
  • Faster start for design projects
  • Cost savings and improved efficiency