SPS620 and SPS720 Robotic Total Stations

Keep it accurate, but keep it simple. The SPS620 and SPS720 are perfect for one-person operation on smaller site operations and work on structures such as bridges or culverts.

SPS620 and SPS720
  • Applications

    SPSx20Trimble SPS720 and SPS620 Total Stations offer very high accuracy and reliability for construction site positioning, stakeout and measurement.

    They are very well suited for use on:

    • Smaller construction sites or combined with GNSS on larger sites
    • Tasks where the accuracy requirements are tight: 5 millimeters (0.02 feet)
    • Measuring dangerous or inaccessible locations
    • Automated target measurement provides a method of checking and warning about movement of ground or buildings that could be affected by construction activities.

    Contractors needing a high accuracy total station for machine control should visit the Trimble SPS930 and SPS730 Universal Total Station page.

  • Technical Information

    The SPS620 and SPS720 use the Trimble DR Standard short-range reflectorless EDM technology for single-shot measurements and operate with TSC3 controller or Trimble Tablet running the SCS900 Site Controller Software.

    • The SPS620 provides 5 arc second accuracy for the vertical and horizontal angle measurements.
    • The SPS720 provides 3 arc second accuracy in the horizontal angle and 2 arc second accuracy in the vertical, and is ideal for more accurate site positioning work.