SNM940 Connected Site Gateway

The SNM940 is like a dedicated hotline sending and receiving vital information from the field – design updates, GNSS corrections, telematics, production information, and even tech support.


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  • Applications

    The SNM940 is the ruggedized, on-machine communications hub for the following Trimble systems, enabling wireless data sync, remote training and support, asset tracking and project monitoring:

    • GCS900 Grade Control System for Dozers, Excavators, Motor Graders, Scrapers and Wheel Loaders
    • GCSFlex Grade Control System for Excavators
    • CCS900 Compaction Control System for Soil Compactors
    • CCSFlex Compaction Control System for Soil and Asphalt Compactors
    • DPS900 Drilling and Piling System
    • PCS900 for Asphalt Compactors
    • VisionLink fleet, asset and productivity management solution
    • TirePulse Tire Monitoring System
  • Technical Information

    The SNM940 communicates either on the 3G cellular network or via Wi-Fi, so it can be leveraged in virtually all countries without additional radio licenses.

    Features and specifications include:

    • 3G cellular communications
    • Durable construction for use on all types of construction assets
    • Rugged, durable form factor facilitates installation on all types of assets
    • CDMA or GSM cellular data communications allow worldwide use
    • Multiple local area communications media including Wi-Fi, RS-232, USB, CANbus, and Ethernet
    • Enables vital real-time alerts and collects asset health history
    • Enables rapid notification of unauthorized operation
    • Provides data communications for grade control including GNSS corrections and design file transfers
  • SNM940 Connected Site Gateway

    The Trimble SNM940 Connected Site® Gateway transmits machine health reports, production data and telematics information for analysis. Existing SNM940 units installed for communicating grade control and production data can also be leveraged for tire monitoring with a VisionLink Machine Health monthly subscription.