Site Positioning Systems Essentials Kit

Proven Trimble quality and accuracy with a budget-friendly price tag for grade checkers, site engineers or contractors new to GPS technology.

Site Positioning Systems Essentials Kit

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    SITE POSITIONING SYSTEMS ESSENTIALS KITThe Essentials Kit gives grade checkers and site engineers all of the tools necessary to stay on top of a hectic job.

    • Tackle any measurement task quickly, including initial site surveys to verify elevations and checking volume estimates for site, road or rail construction, mining, or landfill projects
    • Conduct daily or periodic site measurements to check progress or stockpile volumes without waiting for a contract surveyor
    • Real-time cut/fill record everywhere on the site, not just at intermittent points created by conventional methods
    • Record layer information, calculate volume changes, and immediately take action to address any potential problems on site
    • Verify grade and capture as-built information, do slope staking, set out utility lines, roads or other site features
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