Marine Receivers and Sensors

Marine construction presents its own unique challenges and requirements. No matter how complex your project, Trimble has marine construction hardware, software and positioning sensors to help you meet and exceed them.

Marine Receivers and Sensors
  • Applications

    Teledyne Z-Boat 1800-T with Trimble GNSS Technology

    The TELEDYNE Z-BOAT 1800-T designed and manufactured by Teledyne Oceanscience is a high-resolution shallow water hydrographic unmanned survey vehicle with an Odom Echotrac E20 Singlebeam Echosounder and dual antenna Trimble BX992 GNSS heading receiver. Both sensors can be removed and mounted on other vehicles of opportunity to maximize data collection capabilities.

    Collect survey data in previously inaccessible areas, from shallow to deep sea. The combination of Trimble's precise heading and positioning/guidance paired with Teledyne's accurate and precise sonars allow for best in class data collection under harsh conditions. Remotely view Z-Boat operations or processed data with Trimble Marine Construction software.

    • ​Precise Trimble GNSS positioning and guidance
    • Real-time 2D survey for inspection and identification of obstructions
    • Cost effective method for ad hoc surveys
    • Increased safety and reduced cost—replaces dangerous diver inspection and expensive survey boat time
    • Up to 4.5m/s (14.75fps) performance
    • Two man portable for easy and rapid mobilization

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  • SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver

    The SPS855 GNSS Modular Recever offers numerous features and benefits for contractors involved in marine construction, including:

    • Tracking all known constellations in challenging marine environments including nearby ships, tree-lined riverbanks and congested antenna locations on vessels
    • Many options for corrections sources including satellite-based, Internet and radio
    • Internal radios for less cabling
    • Upgradeable accuracy levels to fit your needs, from Location RTK to Precise RTK
  • SPS356 L1 Beacon Receivers

    The Trimble SPS356 GNSS Beacon receiver is the next generation L1 Beacon receiver that is capable of using RTCM DGNSS (multi-constellation) corrections when available. The SPS356 includes Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities, expanding system integration and connectivity options.

     The SPS356 is an ideal solution for a wide range of marine construction applications including:

    • Dredging
    • Positioning (tugs / anchors)
    • Navigation
    • Rock and material placement
    • Nighttime bridge operations
    • Bathymetric survey

    The SPS356 includes Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth capabilities, expanding system integration and connectivity options. Using Wi-Fi, the SPS356 can be accessed using any device with an Internet browser, including smartphones or tablets, for configuration and monitoring.

  • SPS361 and SPS461 GPS Heading and Positioning Receivers

    The SPS361 and SPS461 GPS Heading and Positioning Receivers are modular, dual-antenna systems for marine construction and hydrographic survey, including precise placement of piles, bridges, caissons, offshore drilling rigs and coastal defenses - providing you with dredge head positioning, vessel positioning, vessel heading, and pitch or roll.

    The Trimble SPS361 and SPS461 GPS Heading Receivers offer numerous benefits for marine construction contractors, including:

    • Rapid deployment, easy integration
    • High-precision, dual-frequency GPS heading with fast initialization
    • Data to easily determine the position of other sensors on a vessel
    • Support for a range of correction services to provide the position accuracy you need
  • BX982 GNSS Receiver

    The Trimble BX982 is a multi-channel, multi-frequency GNSS receiver for marine applications that require centimeter-level accuracy and heading. It is well suited for marine construction contractors and marine system integrators. 

    Dual Antenna Input

    The dual antenna input gives the BX982 significant advantage over single antenna GNSS systems that have difficulty determining where the antenna is positioned relative to the vehicle and object of interest, especially when dynamics are low. External sensors can be used to augment a single input system, however these tend to drift when static. Heading derived from dual-antenna BX982 GNSS measurements overcomes these issues and is economically the right choice. 

    Rugged, But Flexible Interface

    The BX982 was designed for easy integration and dependability. It combines a single Trimble BD982 receiver module with a ruggedized, environmentally sealed enclosure that is very easy to install. The BX982 is rigorously tested to perform in harsh environmental conditions with the reliability you expect from Trimble.

    Customers also benefit from the Ethernet connectivity available on the board, allowing high-speed data transfer and configuration via standard web browsers.

    High Integrity

    The BX982 supports Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) and Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) for safety-critical applications.

  • BX992 GNSS Receiver

    The Trimble Marine BX992 is a dual-antenna multi-frequency GNSS receiver with precise heading capability. The Marine BX992 comes standard with GPS, QZSS and GLONASS installed.The BX992 provides scalable precisions up to centimeter accuracy position in a compact package. By integrating the latest GNSS technology from Trimble, it provides robust high accuracy positions and orientation. It offers MSS L-Band support for Marinestar or Trimble RTX services so the BX992 delivers precise position without the use of a base station.

    Dual Antenna Input

    The dual antenna input provides precise heading compared to single antenna systems which have difficulty determining position relative to the object of interest, especially when dynamics are low.

    Rugged, But Flexible Interface

    The BX992 offers easy integration and dependability. The BX992 is built to perform reliably and rigorously in harsh environmental conditions.


    • 2 x 336 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support
    • Marinestar/CenterPoint RTX support
    • Compact design for mobile applications
    • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
    • Scalable accuracies to Centimeter level positions
    • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring
    • Rugged IP67 Enclosure
    • Other constellations available via upgrade
  • Cable Payout Meter

    The Cable Payout Meter improves the productivity of underwater dredging and structure placement by accurately measuring the location of the load. Used with Trimble HYDROpro software and GNSS hardware on the crane, the Cable Payout Meter reports precise bucket location information against the channel or seawall design to the operator in the cabin.

    This precise information gives you "eyes underwater", so you can see exactly where material should be dredged or material should be placed. No more over- or under-dredging.

    It offers the following features:

    • Small display unit with LED display
    • Low latency RS 232 output
    • Rapid 5Hz update rate
    • Simple, single push button for zero calibration
    • Outputs and displays in metric or imperial units (meters or feet)
    • Centimeter (inch) accuracy
    • 100% sealed - marine quality stainless steel sensor
  • Dredge Head Meter

    The Trimble Dredge Head Meter helps improve the productivity of cutter suction and trailer hopper dredge types. Using compressed air to measure the head of water, the dredge head meter accurately determines the depth below surface of the underwater dredge head.

    With this precise information in the cabin, you can determine exactly where material should be dredged or material should be placed - significantly reducing over- or under-dredging.

    The Dredge Head Meter offers the following features:

    • Small display unit with LED display
    • Low latency RS 232 output
    • Rapid 5Hz update rate
    • Outputs and displays in metric or imperial units (meters or feet)
    • Requires a source of compressed air to operate
    • Underwater installation consists of plastic hose pipe - easy to purchase