HYDROpro Software

HYDROpro offers specialized tools for hydrographic survey and marine construction projects such as rig and barge positioning, piling, and dredging that require precise positioning.

HYDROpro Software
  • Applications

    HYDROpro pilingHYDROpro and Trimble marine construction GPS sensors such as the Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver and SPS555H Heading Add-on can be installed on several types of waterway dredging machines, including:

    • Clamshell buckets
    • Dredging excavators
    • Pile drivers
    • Wick drain rigs


    It offers specialized tools for:

    • Precise placement of structures such as breakwaters, bridges, caissons, piles, marina piers and coastal defenses
    • Preparing underwater gravel beds for caissons and other structures
    • Positioning dredge vessels, barges, tugs and other construction vessels
    • Offshore rig positioning and anchor handling applications
    • Hydrographic surveys for channel maintenance, dredging progress, environmental surveys, and bed erosion

    Contractors looking to improve productivity on dry construction projects using piling machines should visit the Trimble Groundworks Machine Control System for Piling machines page.

  • Hardware

    Trimble Site TabletThe Trimble Site Tablet is a rugged field tablet designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and is ideal for running Trimble HYDROPro onboard.

    • Hardware can be removed from the vessel for post processing in your site office and theft prevention
    • Built-in cellular modem gives you Internet connectivity so you can quickly send data to the shore office and get design updates without waiting on a crew boat
    • Wi-Fi connectivity lets you walk around the vessel with the Trimble Site Tablet in hand while positioning the vessel