Detailed Planning and Design

Trimble Novapoint

Trimble Novapoint combines a powerful object-oriented and work process-based modelling application, Novapoint Base, with 20+ Novapoint domain design applications.

Trimble Detailed Planning and Design


Efficiently design complex 3D models of infrastructure projects for precise, consistent and sustainable results. More


Share 3D project models for seamless collaboration between planners, designers, contractors and project owners More

Tekla Civil

Powerful database-driven civil engineering software for linear and site design projects. More

Trimble Marine Construction Software for Positioning

The Trimble Marine Construction Software for Positioning provides contractors with the ability to perform their own pre-/post-construction hydrographic surveys. More

Trimble SiteVision

A user-friendly outdoor augmented reality system used for communicating new designs and changes to field crews, inspections, determining productivity and calculating quick measurements on site including points, lines and cut/fill values. More

Trimble Siteworks Positioning System

Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems are designed to eliminate downtime by making every minute more productive. Handle complex files and 3D data sets quickly, so you can spot issues and solve problems before they slow you down. More

Trimble TSC7 Controller

Big screen. Giant potential. A bigger screen, powerful processing and Windows 10 means you’re carrying all the potential of a laptop - right in the palm of your hand. More

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