Construction Logistics

Real-time Intelligence and Business Process Automation

Ready mix, asphalt and aggregates delivery fleets of vehicles need solutions that track, schedule, route, communicate and respond in real time. Trimble offers management solutions to help you deliver high-quality, on-time service while reducing costs, improving performance and customer satisfaction.

Trimble provides tailored and scalable fleet management solutions to help manage ready mix and aggregates products delivery cycle featuring:

  • Automatic, accurate real-time vehicle location and status
  • Voice communications
  • Turn by turn navigation and tracking
  • Driver-safety monitoring
  • Product quality and fuel tracking Hours of Service (HoS) compliance
  • Vehicle diagnostics and maintenance management Business analytics and reports

Information together is critical for our daily operation because it gives a synopsis of what is happening. TrimFleet allows us to document exactly when and where the mixer trucks are in case a dispute over timing or questions arise around delivery. It removes any doubt and shows that we are delivering what we promised” ~ Jacob Lampert, Brannan Dispatch Manager, Brannan Sand and Gravel Company


  • TrimFleet Ready Mix Fleet Management

  • TrimFleet Bulk Materials Fleet Management

  • Trimble Driver Safety System for Bulk Materials and Ready Mix Trucks

  • Trimble Video Intelligence System for Bulk Materials and Ready Mix Trucks