Compaction Control for Soil Compactors

Trimble Compaction Control Systems help you roll a more efficient pattern so you can reach target passes and density faster. Intelligent compaction indeed.

Compaction Control for Soil Compactors Product Shot
  • Applications


    CCS900 soil compactionYou can install CCS900 to improve your soil compaction operations on any project where the specification calls for a target density or pass count, including:

    • Highway and railway construction
    • Residential pads
    • Commercial site construction
    • Parking lots
    • Sports fields
  • System Configurations

    The Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System is the premium system for improving soil compaction operations and rolling a more efficient surface.  It is available in the following configurations:

    Single GNSS

    Measures the position and slope of the blade and compares that to design data for rough grading and mass excavation on complex design surfaces

    Dual GNSS

    Measures the exact position, cross slope and heading of the blade for rough grading and mass excavation on steep slopes and complex design surfaces

    Universal Total Stations

    Total station-based system for high accuracy lift and layer control, material placement and monitoring, or for jobs where GNSS is not the ideal solution because of overhead obstructions