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Construction field technology
Technology solutions that propel your job site forward

From the office to the field, enable your foremen, fleet managers, surveyors, general contractors, BIM managers, and project managers to make quick, data-driven decisions. From semi-autonomous machine control to virtual reality, Trimble field solutions help you deliver on-time and on-budget.

Connected software and hardware that get the job done
Tools and tech that connect your job site and make your life easier

Managing people, productivity, and progress on a construction site can be a guessing game. Technology can help you make informed decisions to keep your project moving forward. Using survey instruments, machine control, scanning devices, robotics, connectivity and office software can increase profitability and give you a competitive edge.

Tools built for the civil contractor

Trusted and field-proven solutions you need to get the job done right the first time.

Connected surveying

Take control of your job site with surveying solutions designed to eliminate downtime by making every minute more productive. From stakeout to as-builts, we can help you spot issues and solve problems before they slow you down.

Advanced machine control

Get better control, faster operating speed, and automatic steering for your machinery. Only Trimble can get you to grade 35 to 45% faster in any material type.

Advanced software

Machines move dirt, but information moves mountains. Get the data you need, when you need it to make the right decision with Trimble software.

Field solutions that do more

From smart surveying instruments and advanced robotics to augmented and mixed reality data visualization, these building construction field solutions deliver increased productivity to optimize resources.

Superior accuracy from start to finish

A precise construction layout system ensures work is designed and installed correctly. At project completion, our laser scanning systems quickly and accurately produce as-built sharable data.

View future work in present time

Construction augmented reality systems allow 3D models to be viewed in the field, connecting office and project site. Data-driven decisions can be made with confidence to build to plan.

Keep safety a priority

Strengthen your quality control protocols with autonomous devices and workflows and maintain productivity onsite and throughout the project.

Leverage a connected workflow
Get the right insight at the right time for the right decision

Project delivery challenges happen, especially if your team can't access current information, no matter what task they are working on. That's why we're focused on connecting workflows across our portfolio. Check back often to see new integrations and how they can help you better manage your projects and understand them holistically.

MEP model to procurement

Extend the downstream value of your detailed model. Estimate materials and labor, compare pricing across suppliers, and send a digital purchase order directly to distributors, while keeping your ERP updated with accurate, up-to-date job cost data.

Civil bid to build

Reduce the need for manual data processing when preparing a payment application. Give your project managers visibility into a project's progress to support real-time planning. Financial teams will have complete and timely data.

Structural model to fabrication

Create confidence in estimation and procurement processes. Get transparency into subcontractor scheduling. Drive high-quality, reliable scheduling and status updates.

Move your business with free construction insights
Discover the latest construction data trends to make more informed decisions for your business
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