[Webinar Recording] The Role of Trimble in Your CAD Journey

Please watch to learn more about the evolution of CAD platforms in North America. The primary CAD platforms in use today are: AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, and Revit. Trimble's David Derocher and Milli Boateng discuss why folks are migrating from AutoCAD to AutoCAD MEP and Revit platforms and how Trimble is helping contractors along this Journey. In the webinar we cover: -The historical CAD journey from 2D CAD to present -A look at today’s CAD landscape for contractors -Key benefits of AutoCAD MEP and Revit -Platform selection and a successful implementation
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Fireside Chat Series - Episode 1: SketchUp in Architecture
Fireside Chat Series - Episode 1: SketchUp in Architecture

Architectural trendsetter Nick Sonder opens up about life before and after discovering SketchUp.

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