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episode 29 Trisha Stefanski Modernizing Minnesota infrastructureplay button
Episode 29

Modernizing Minnesota infrastructure

Hear about asset management nightmares and how to build infrastructure that ages sustainably from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.
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Episode 28

Changing how the French railway works

Judicaël Dehotin from SNCF Rèseau and Nassim Saoud from Trimble talk about innovating how the rail industry connects people, goods and services, and even times.
CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-11723-BrianAndDavid.jpgplay button
Episode 27

Hungry for reality capture robots

Brian Ringley from Boston Dynamics and David Burczyk from Trimble share all things robot, including job site stories and what's next for Spot.
CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-11723-BradyMarkell.jpgplay button
Episode 26

Product spotlight: street smart

Street Smart is utilizing Connected Construction technology to make highway work zones safer for both motorists and workers. Hear more about how technology is making roads safer and more efficient.
CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-11723-AliceLeung.jpgplay button
Episode 25

The innovation & impatience connection

Join Matt Sprague as he sits down with Alice Leung, VP of Platform & Product Strategy with Brick & Mortar Ventures, as they talk about the latest construction tech investing trends.
CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-11223-ScotStrickland.jpgplay button
Episode 24

Solving data like a puzzle

Join guest Scot Strickland as he regails host Evan Hill with adventures in construction technology on the remote oil fields of Alaska.
EP23_CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180.jpgplay button
Episode 23

Infotech: Chasing innovation in the industry panel

We join Infotech's discussion with 3 women in construction with big ideas about innovation in employment, training, and innovation itself.
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Episode 22

Inside 2022’s best BIM project in the world

Virtual safaris. IPD vs. PM contracts. 2D vs. BIM. Finland vs. the U.S. All this and more is discussed in episode 22.
EP21_CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180.jpgplay button
Episode 21

The impacts of data availability on the construction lifecycle - part three

Join host Matt Sprague in the final of this three-part series to discuss the construction phase of the construction lifecycle.
EP20_CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180.jpgplay button
Episode 20

The impacts of data availability on the construction lifecycle - part two

Join host Matt Sprague in the second of this three-part series to discuss the planning and design phase of the construction lifecycle.
EP19_CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180.jpgplay button
Episode 19

The impacts of data availability on the construction lifecycle - part one

Join host Matt Sprague as he kicks off the first episode of this series with the operation and maintenance aspect of the construction lifecycle.
CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-112822-RuthKing.jpgplay button
Episode 18

Profit is not a dirty word in construction

Learn from Ruth King, expert in HVAC consulting, author of five, soon to be six books, and woman of many titles—including Profit & Wealth Guru, and Serial Entrepreneur
EP17 CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180play button
Episode 17

Cutting edge digital technology that is being used in Norway

Discover new ways to find a single source of truth for all project stakeholders to draw from resulting in better, faster, cheaper builds.
EP16_CCS-Single-Episode-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-102722play button
Episode 16

The value of empowering people with technology

Learn more about technology in construction as it relates to labor shortages, productivity and empowering people.
CCS-Episode-15-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-111422play button
Episode 15

How Bhupinder Singh wants to use digital twins to make your life easier

This is the one about Bhupinder Singh sharing a roadmap from where other companies have paved a way in the era of digital transformation.
CCS-Episode-14-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-11722.jpgplay button
Episode 14

Expert funding tips and best practices for infrastructure programs

Join host Matt Sprague and co-host, Nick Franck, Senior Digital Content Producer for Trimble as they connect the conversation for capital planning and infrastructure-related funding strategies.
CCS-Episode-13-Thumbnail-Image-272x180-102622 (2).jpgplay button
Episode 13

How climates 50 years in the future affect today’s construction projects

Join host, Matt Sprague, and guest, Adam Omansky, as they discuss the fascinating world of climate modeling that is being used for infrastructure and construction planning.
EP12 | The Great Library, Your Resource for Connected Constructionplay button
Episode 12

The Great Library, your resource for connected construction

Learn more about the Great Library and how connected construction can be applied to real-world scenarios - for every stakeholder across the entire project lifecycle.
EP11 |To Death with Drawingsplay button
Episode 11

To death with drawings

Hear how Øystein Ulvestad wants to end unnecessary work in the construction industry by taking advantage of technology.
EP10 | Protect your Construction Business from Getting Screwedplay button
Episode 10

Protect your construction business from getting screwed

Discover how to protect you and your business from legal jargon and legal action so you can focus on the building and creating.
Episode 9 | The One with the Chief Dirt Nerd of BuildWittplay button
Episode 9

The one with the chief dirt nerd of buildWitt

Join the conversation about investing in the existing workforce to pave the way for future generations of construction talent.
Episode 8 | How One Architect is Striving to Change the Course of Civilizationplay button
Episode 8

How one architect is striving to change the course of civilization

Learn about the evolving role of architects as it applies to sustainability in construction.
Episode 7 | Building Like the Egyptiansplay button
Episode 7

Building like the Egyptians

Learn how to build for future communities, the financial impact of BIM modeling, and how prefabrication revolutionizes sustainable construction.
Episode 6 | Building Smart Communities through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusionplay button
Episode 6

Building smart communities through diversity, equity, and inclusion

Join the conversation around DEI across the geospatial and construction industries.
Episode 5 | How One Architect used Smart Systems to do Work Betterplay button
Episode 5

How one architect used smart systems to do work better

Learn how Patrick MacLeamy is changing the world of architecture by letting architects focus on being architects.
Episode 4 | How Technology will Eliminate Construction Guessing Gamesplay button
Episode 4

How technology will eliminate construction guessing games

Learn more from Gary Cowan with the Kane Group on the future of Global BIM.
Episode 3 | Bring Joy to Construction by Building Snowflakesplay button
Episode 3

Bring joy to construction by building snowflakes

Learn more about a consortium called Demain, with a mission to eliminate industry silos and ‘bring joy to construction’.
Episode 2 | The Technology Nerd and Equipment Enthusiastplay button
Episode 2

The technology nerd and equipment enthusiast

Learn more about construction technology and leveraging asset and fleet management data for better decision-making.
construction episode 1play button
Episode 1

What is connected construction?

Discover more about digital transformation and connection in the construction industry.