PCS900 Paving Control System for Milling Machines

Paving Control for Milling Machines

Mill out the waves. Controlling the precise cutting depth of the mill minimizes over-cutting, creates a smoother surface and reduces the need for additional material in the re-paving process.

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Features and Benefits

PCS900 for Milling MachinesUsing PCS900 on your milling machine provides several benefits:

A smoother base

  • Mill at variable depth and slope to remove the existing undulations, creating a smoother surface for paving
  • Trimble Hot Swap technology ensures a smooth transition between total stations, so you won’t need to re-mill out bumps

PCS900 for milling machinesShorter lane shutdowns

  • Trucks can run more efficiently unhindered by stringline and stakes

Reduced machine wear

  • By only milling to the depth required, the machine will burn less fuel and experience less teeth wear

Less material to remove

  • Fewer trucks and cost required to remove waste material

Less asphalt usage

  • Mill off the minimum depth and use less asphalt for the final surface