Marine Receivers and Sensors

Marine construction presents its own unique challenges and requirements. No matter how complex your project, Trimble has marine construction hardware, software and positioning sensors to help you meet and exceed them. 

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Features and Benefits

Marine ReceiversTrimble offers complete marine GNSS positioning solutions that include hardware, software, and connectivity between the construction site and the main office.

Flexible and Reliable Components

  • Components share a common interface so you can reuse data and accessories across multiple applications. They are compatible marine systems from other manufacturers, so you can integrate with existing hardware and workflows
  • GNSS Receivers can receive corrections from a traditional base station or other virtual sources

Powerful Office and Field Software

  • Trimble HYDROpro™ and Terramodel® HDMS offer workflows for all phases of on-shore and off-shore marine construction
  • You don’t have to learn software packages from multiple manufacturers, and you won’t experience compatibility problems with file formats or workflows

Receivers and Sensors

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SPS555H, SPS855

SPS55H Heading add-onThe SPS555H Modular Add-on GNSS Receiver pairs with the Trimble SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver to provide exact heading information for construction projects that require precise orientation of a structure, vehicle, or vessel.

Features and Benefits

The SPS855 GNSS Modular Recever offers numerous features and benefits for contractors involved in marine construction, including:

  • Tracking all known constellations in challenging marine environments including nearby ships, tree-lined riverbanks and congested antenna locations on vessels
  • Many options for corrections sources including satellite-based, Internet and radio
  • Internal radios for less cabling
  • Upgradeable accuracy levels to fit your needs, from Location RTK to Precise RTK

The SPS555H Modular Add-on GNSS Receiver offers:

  • Continuous precise operation even when primary GNSS is not receiving satellite corrections for reduced downtime and increased productivity
  • Dual Site Positioning System GNSS receiver mounting bracket, interconnecting cable and antenna included for a compact, rugged system