Trimble Inspection Solutions

Inspect your equipment, assets and machines in real-time using your smartphone or tablet.

Trimble Inspection Solutions

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  • Trimble Inspector

    InspectorTrimble Inspector is a free mobile app that runs on both Android and iOS smartphones or tablets for daily, weekly and monthly visual inspections. Existing libraries of equipment, machine and vehicle types, makes and models and inspection checklists make it simple to get started.

    Use Trimble Inspector for visual inspections – then email reports to the office for health and safety standards compliance:

    • Current visual health status
    • Hours
    • Odometer reading
    • General condition
  • Trimble Inspector Pro

    Trimble Inspector Pro has all the functionality of Trimble Inspector, with the added benefits of:

    • Customized inspection reports to meet corporate health and safety requirements

    • Comprehensive maintenance reports for service crews.

    The additional functionality in Trimble Inspector Pro is accessed with a subscription to Trimble Asset Manager office software.